Hydrogen sensors
the world's first sensors officially put in use for mass produced FCV
Nissha FIS


"Detect H2 just after powering on"

"Detect without being interfered by other gases"


Quick start up
Quick response speed
High selectivity
High durability
& maintenance-free

Our sensors provide the safety and relief
for fuel cell applications



Nissha FIS's catalytic combustion type hydrogen sensors are the world's first sensors, which were installed in actual fuel cell vehicles for the detection of hydrogen gas.Hydrogen technology contributes to the safety and prevention of global warming.




Quick start up & response
hydrogen sensor start up response

Start up time in 1 sec. after power-on and response speed within 2 sec. have been achieved.
In case a hydrogen leak occures during parking, there is a possibility of explosion when the battery is turned on. To avoid this danger, hydrogen leak must be detected within 2 sec. after ignition switch gets powered on.
Nissha FIS's hydrogen sensors start response within 2 sec. and satisfy the requirements from automobile industries.


High selectivity
hydrogen sensor gas sensitivity

We provide the sensors that excel in gas sensitivity and no occurance of mis-detecting other gases.
Our hydrogen sensors show stable performance, and are not influenced by other gases (ethanol, methane, etc.) that could be generated in an operating environment.


High durability that satisfies the strict in-vehicle requirements & maintenance-free
hydrogen sensor durability

Our sensors realize the stability that clears various in-vehicle standards in Japan and Europe.


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Abundant experience as OEM manufacturer
for FCV and power storage application

Passenger cars

We provide hydrogen sensors that are compatible with CAN (Controller Area Network).12V hydrogen sensor is suitable for passenger cars. Our sensors have been used by TOYOTA (Mirai), Daimler, Mercedes-Benz etc.


FCV バス
Buses and trucks

We provide 24V hydrogen sensor for large-sized motor vehicles. FIS have provided our sensors to Chinese bus manufacturers.


FCV スクーター
Motorcycles and scooters

We provide 5V hydrogen sensors for motorcycles and scooters.


FCV フォークリフト
Residential & industrial power storage devices

We supply 5V hydrogen sensors for residential power storage devices and industrial purposes such as forklifts.Voltage output is analog. We also provide detectors with connectors.


Catalytic combustion type sensors
with high durability and quick response speed

hydrogen sensor element

Our hydrogen sensors are catalytic combustion type.

General catalytic combustion type sensors has a housing that covers heater with inorganic material (career), which contains catalytic that detects hydrogen. We developed a catalytic combustion type hydrogen sensor with a unique design, which is different from general sensors.

Our sensors achieved "quick start-up, response speed & high durability, against siloxane poisoning, ".


Variety of our products

Hydrogen sensor (catalytic combustion type)
CategoryPart No.Spec.
Passenger cars FH2-HY04 PWM OUTPUT, 12V
Buses & trucks FH2-HY06 CAN OUTPUT, 24V
Motorcycles, scooters
residential & industrial power storage devices
FH2-HY11 Analog output, 5V
FH2-HY11-HC Analog output, 5V
Harness type(with connector cable)

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