Gas Sensor Module for Refrigerant Leak Detection

IEC Standard Compliant / Long Life Time


High Sensitivity to Most of Major Refrigerants

Metal Oxide Semiconductor Type Gas Sensors are detectable to Low-GWP refrigerants such as R32, R407c, known as alternative Freon (HFC). The Sensor could detect refrigerant leak from HVAC products such as air conditioners or refrigerators.The sensors are comply with IEC and JRA standards.


IEC, JRA Standards Compliant

The gas sensor module complies with IEC60335-2-40 Ed6.0, and JRA4068:2016, also having longer life to 10years.


Nissha FIS is also developing a sensor that complies with UL standards.

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Durable Sensors against Noise Gases

The silica-gel filter on gas sensor makes its selectivity higher and life longer by minimizing interference from noise gases such as alcohol or silicone.

Options for Robust Module

Self-monitoring function to malfunction and options such as casing on module, waterproof coating on circuit board are available, considering use case in harsh environment.

Easy implement and maintenance

Sensor Modules are preset before shipping to target gas to ease your after assembly process. Small design and light weight with FPC/FFC connector also easy assembly process and maintenance such as periodic replacement.